Our next steps



Training gardeners


Internal documentation

How we write and update documentation for our facilitators?


Gardener template

Organization template



version control

Website is a snapshot of the latest update, but we do have the git commits in the open.

A way to integrate Hugo content with its older versions, maybe a timeline of updates (gitlab updates a json file on build) where user is pointed to the markdown file.

Or if we wanna get fancy, a comparison tool in pare showing what’s added, removed by sho and when (we need to connect gardener with gitlab user for that).

This way volunteers can compare what changed since last time they checked, to stay in the loop.

publish for non techies

A content-only permission that allows authors to:

System presents user with URL of changed objects, on commit.

Tech Debt

aims to enhance our knowledge commons by sponsoring initiatives through facilitation, consulting, and documentation
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