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Tilde Friends

Cory gives a tour of their work on Tilde Friends - a p2p app platform backed by Secure Scuttlebutt

Corey’s Project

Corey, a game developer from New York, introduces ‘Tilde Friends’, his new project. It’s a platform for creating and sharing apps using something called Secure Scuttlebutt.

The Tech Behind It

‘Tilde Friends’ is built using a programming language called C and runs on both Raspberry Pi and Android devices. It features its own web server, a system for users to create accounts, and a safe area for apps to run.

Key Features

Corey demonstrates how to use ‘Tilde Friends’ for making an account, posting content, and modifying apps. The platform allows users to share and update apps across a network securely.

User Interface and Experience

Corey talks about the design and usability of ‘Tilde Friends’. He focuses on making the platform easy and enjoyable to use, with features that update in real time.

Future Plans and Community

Corey sees ‘Tilde Friends’ as a project driven by his personal passion. He’s excited about adding new features, like building a community around the platform and allowing apps to work together more effectively. He also mentions potential expansion to mobile devices.