network simulator

Assumptions to validate

Simulations as a laboratory, providing data scientists with tools prove shit mathematically

A tool to validate arguments

It also detects attacks way earlier. By reverse engineering strategies and proposing patches. Because we will be attacked. Of course

Simulations can detect attacks and propose vaccinations

How can SSB have a good relationship with data scientists, so researchers can use it for their papers?

Manuel de landa idea: A layer of simulation tools between hunch and testing, for science.

A playground

Not for proving something but creating a path for people to simulate and bring results.

How to attract data scientists that want to show their chops, but corporate social media keep it lock and key?

Model communities to test: No problem with surveillance coz it tests there. We can have packs, different topologies.

aims to enhance our knowledge commons by sponsoring initiatives through facilitation, consulting, and documentation
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