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Reframing SSB tags as collections

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{.aaa} Resurfacing posts outside chronological order, reducing Bias of Now

Think “mixmix’s book of soup recipes” “nonlinear book of illustration tips” or “rabble book of East Asia travel spots”

Some users don’t write much, but curate existing content. Collections give them a way to shine.

Tags were poorly named. Under the hood they behave like a collection, but they don’t have order.

Book collections can have internal chronological order. Or author can reorder if they want. It’s on them.

Difference from SSB tags: - how is presented - books are part of profile (for discoverability) - books are authoral, and people can follow books for changes

SSB is long form, slow reading, we should honor old posts.

Posts should have CC licensing, so Books can have licensing too.


  • edit
  • initial order: chronological (per post or per joining book)
  • groups
  • licensing
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